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Leung Shuen Wan


Leung Shuen Wan Pier was built in 1990s, located in Sai Kung District. The existing Leung Shuen Wan Pier is located in an inner harbour amidst calm waters with many existing fishing pontoons.

The pier serves the High Island area of Geopark where the famous ''hexagonal rock columns'' are located. The vicinity of the pier has been designated as a fish culture zone (i.e. Leung Shuen Wan Fish Culture Zone) and several seafood restaurants have been opened near the shore to provide seafood for travellers.

There are large surges of patronage during religious ceremonies and holidays – the ceremonious float procession to celebrate the Tin Hau Festival takes place once every two years, which lasts for six days each time with thousands of tourists/ worshippers visiting the temple daily during the period. Due to the shallow water depth of Leung Shuen Wan Pier, tourists / worshippers have to rely on small vessels for transferring from a larger vessel to the pier and waiting for a long time before they can land on the pier.

Pier Improvement

We have consulted the relevant stakeholders and formulated appropriate improvements to the pier in response to local needs.

Sham Chung Pier Sam Mun Tsai Village Pier

Preliminary Design of Pier Improvement