Sam Mun Tsai
Village Pier


Sam Mun Tsai Village Pier is located within Shuen Wan Typhoon Shelter in Tai Po District, next to Yim Tin Tsai Fish Culture Zone, and was built in 1972.

The pier is mainly used by local villagers, fishermen, and tourists visiting Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail.

The existing pier is small with narrow access and has only one berthing space. The insufficient water depth of the berth, in particular during low tide, makes berthing of relatively large vessels difficult and causes inconvenience to passengers when boarding and alighting. The facilities of the pier also cannot cope with the current needs, especially on weekends or holidays when utilizations are high.

Pier Improvement

We have consulted the relevant stakeholders and formulated appropriate improvements to the pier in response to local needs.

Leung Shuen Wan Pier Sham Chung Pier

Preliminary Design of Pier Improvement