Sham Chung Pier


Sham Chung Pier is located at Sham Chung Wan in Tai Po District and was built in 1962.

The pier is adjacent to Sai Kung West Country Park, and is currently served by scheduled kaito ferry service for tourists to visit the country park and enjoy the scenery on both sides of Tolo Channel.

The existing pier has two berthing spaces, but the one nearer to the shore is shorter and situated at shallower water depth, and is less convenient for vessel berthing. Besides, part of the pier structures is deteriorating due to aging, and is currently strengthened by later added steel frames under the soffit of the slabs to cope with the aging problem.

Pier Improvement

We have consulted the relevant stakeholders and formulated appropriate improvements to the pier in response to local needs.

Leung Shuen Wan Pier Sam Mun Tsai Village Pier

Preliminary Design of Pier Improvement